At this time, I looked at the boa constrictor again and saw that the boa constrictor’s head had been completely broken. It was shattered by Nellian’s hand just now, which shows how powerful Nellian’s two black gas were just now.

That black third master must have been badly hurt, but for his skill, I’m afraid he would have been punched with a big hole in his chest by Nellie.
黑三爷知道这黑气厉害此时他正捂着胸口看起来应该是受了伤他也知道这黑气打脸后果不敢怠慢身体一就飞了起来虽然伤重 但是这货飞起来速度还是不慢眨眼就飞到了地道深处
Lotus looked back at me without saying a word and flew out of the crossing. I followed closely and climbed out of the tunnel and returned to the ground.
When I was outside, a breath of fresh air floated in, which made me feel much better. I almost died in this tunnel. Now I am greedy, sucking the fresh air outside and feeling the bright moonlight. At this time, my shoulders are still oozing blood and the breeze blows on my shoulders, which makes me feel different.
His mother must kill this black third master himself!
I couldn’t help secretly making up my mind that I would solve this black third master at all costs.
Lotus and I looked around for a long time and didn’t see the shadow of Black Third Master. Lotus even said to me, "Brother Four Dogs didn’t expect this nigger to run so fast and run away in such a short time."
I saw that Nellie was very unwilling to encourage her, saying, "If you run away, you will often catch up with your in-laws sooner or later."
I was just about to say something here when I suddenly felt that there was a big stream of yin coming around me. This time it was different from the tunnel. I felt that the yin was coming from all sides, and it was just a gust of yin. My heart was white. There were many ghosts out together
This can surprise me. I don’t think it’s over yet. The evil spirits brought by the father and the son from Yin have just been removed by me. Why are there so many ghosts now? Is this Yin coming out to support the son?
Thought of here, I wake up, Xiaolian. Be careful. I am holding a peach wooden sword and ready to deal with these ghosts at any time.
This yin is getting stronger and stronger. It seems that these ghosts are pressing on me. Just as Xiaolian and I are preparing for the battle, a large group of ghosts suddenly flashed around us to see these ghosts. My heart suddenly trembled because these ghosts were too unexpected in front of me.
Seeing that these ghosts are different from the dozens of evil spirits that have just been eliminated, there are dozens of these ghosts, and men, women and children look at them. They should be villagers.
I thought, this is strange. When I was in the dark, I also saw that the friends of Black Third Master are not like these ghosts. These intruders are simply a group of miscellaneous brands.
Before I could understand what was going on, I heard a strange smile suddenly coming from a dark corner in the distance. "Yan Sigou plays with you, and I’ll let you taste the third master’s means today!"
I heard clearly that the owner of the sound was Black Third Master. At this time, he was hiding in the dark dozens of meters away from us. I couldn’t help biting my teeth and thought that this sneaky guy would secretly play tricks. I saw the direction of the sound and walked there with the peach wooden sword in my hand.
Lillian also floated to the dark place to prepare to deal with the black third master, but we just walked there. These dozens of ghosts were shaking their bodies. Their bodies were very erratic. Lillian and I kept turning around to see them, trying to stop us from dealing with the black third master in front of me.
When I saw it, everything turned out to be white. It turned out that these ghosts were all here to help Black Third Master. I wondered what this Black Third Master could do. How could he control so many ghosts? Look at this group of ghosts. They should be ordinary people. In recent months, villagers in the mountains are all buried after the death of nearby villagers. There are dozens of ghosts here. Look at their clothes. There are two old ladies still wearing clothes from the Republic of China, so the old ghosts are out. It seems that the ghosts in the mountains have been summoned by Master Black in recent months.
I can’t look down on this black third master any more now. Although he is no match for me, peach swords and ghost ropes, I didn’t expect him to play these tricks. It seems that it is really not easy to kill him.
Seeing these ghosts in front of me, I don’t know what to do at the moment. If I wave my peach wooden sword and kill all these ghosts, I think it won’t be difficult. But these ghosts have no grudge against me. They came out to work for Black Third Master and were controlled by Black Third Master. How can I have the heart to get rid of them all?
It’s bad to hesitate in my heart. When I saw those ghosts rushing towards me and blinking, I was in front of me. Several of them grabbed my neck and wanted to strangle me.
I was anxious and angry in my heart, thinking that these ghosts are really difficult. It seems hard to say except for these ghosts who don’t know how to live or die.
Thought of here, I can’t wait for these ghosts to strangle me and Nellie. I waved my peach wooden sword in my hand and cut it at the front. When I met the ghost, I immediately sent out a blue light, which shone in front of these ghosts. These ghosts suddenly dared not go forward again and were scared in place.
I don’t have much patience at this moment, thinking that if I relent again, these ghosts will definitely hurt me again. I shook my peach wooden sword in my hand and stabbed several ghosts in front of me.
Brush a few swords, and several ghosts immediately fell in front of me. At this time, I have already killed my eyes. When I see ghosts rushing forward, I must stab them with a sword. When I see them, they all scream, and I don’t know if they wake up. They all fled to the distance and disappeared in a few seconds.
I just breathed a sigh of relief in my heart. I wish these ghosts would stop messing with me. I don’t want to kill people. I didn’t want to see obstacles in front of me. Nelly and I just walked into that dark corner. Just now, Master Black was barking here. I didn’t know he was not here yet.
In this dark place, Lotus and I both cheered up and didn’t dare to be careless at all, because this black master was too insidious. Just now, he deliberately tried to lure Lotus and me to him.
There was silence in the dark, and I didn’t know if this black third master was not here. I gently dialed the pieces of vegetation with my peach wooden sword and saw that it was dark all around, where was the shadow of black third master?
Xiaolian looked at me at this moment and said to me, "Brother Black, the fourth dog, should have run away again. Can you feel his yin now?"
Chapter 41 Invisibility
Nelly looked at me at this moment, and she waited for me to answer. Now, of course, I can feel the Yin Qi emitted by Black Third Master, and this Yin Qi is still very obvious. Just in this dark place, I feel the Yin Qi emitted by Black Third Master, and I am sure that he is now in this grass.
But now Lotus and I have been looking for a long time, but we haven’t found the shadow of Black Third Master. I wonder if this damn thing is hidden or not. Why can’t I see him around here?
I nodded at Lillian and said to her, "This black third master is around here now, and his yin is very obvious, but this little one seems to be invisible."
"What? Invisible? " Nelly looked at me with some disbelief. What she meant was that she didn’t believe that this black master could be invisible.
I don’t miss Mr. Black’s ability either. It’s not surprising if he can hide in front of ordinary people. All ghosts have the ability to hide in front of ordinary people. He can see him if he wants people to see him. If he doesn’t want people to see him, he can hide his body.
But Lillian and I are different. Lillian is a female ghost. Of course, she can see Black Third Master, and I don’t even mention that I have a ghost in front of me.
But now it’s really strange that this black third master is right in front of me, but I mean, I can’t see him at all, which really makes me puzzled. At the same time, I have a bad feeling that this black third master is hiding his body. If he wants to deal with me and Xiaolian from the dark, it will be dangerous for me and Xiaolian.
I’m careful when I think of this. I’m holding on to the peach wooden sword in my hand. If Master Black suddenly attacks me, I think I’ll kill him at the first time.
As the minutes passed, there was still no movement in the grass in front of Xiaolian and me, but the breeze blew the grass and shook it, adding to my white heart, which made me nervous in front of me