There is a number 1 after the first one, which means that ten people are still alive and this number will change if someone dies through the base.

By observing this figure, they can accurately know the life and death of ten newcomers such as Su Li.
The third line is divided into two columns: the total ranking and the base ranking, which respectively represent the total number of forgotten crystals obtained by all parties and the number of forgotten crystals obtained by ten newcomers in their base.
However, at the moment, both the general ranking and the base ranking also say that no race has yet obtained the Forgotten Crystal.
According to the executive’s judgment, I am afraid that the first forgotten crystal will appear until late. It is still too early.
Most people who watch the crystal wall pay attention to the number of people there, hoping that this number will not suddenly decrease.
Once there is any change or staff reduction, they need to report the latest news to the executive adults.
The base is located in the central area of Tongzhou Province, and the coastal province is located in the southeast direction of Tongzhou Province.
A mountain in coastal province stands a magnificent city.
This huge city has been shrouded in fog all its life, and it looks like it is looming from a distance.
This huge city has a resounding name, that is, "the immortal city".
Humans and Forgotten Terrans can break the boundary into boundary breakers after reaching Level 2.
The undead can also undergo a metamorphosis and evolution after being promoted to level 2, which is far higher than the undead.
The "undead" is the truly advanced intelligent race, which is comparable to the destroyer among human beings and forgotten terrans. This is also the origin of the name "undead city"
Of course, there are few real undead living and living in this mountain "Undead City" in "Binhai Province", and most of them are higher undead.
At the moment, there is a grand dome palace in the deepest part of the "undead city", which is almost exactly the same as the one in the base where the hexagrams are hidden, including the decoration in the palace
Similarly, in front of the crystal wall, there are a group of higher undead who are staring at the digital changes of the crystal wall.
Just now, the number of powerful undead has suddenly changed from 1 to 9, which means that they have entered the forgotten battlefield from their sending array.
They were shocked to see the number change.
"How is that possible? So soon? " Watching the crystal wall, a group of undead exclaimed.
"This is only four minutes and there have been casualties?"
"I don’t know who death is?"
"Ten of them can be said to be the best group in our years …"
"According to past experience, because our undead city is very close to the holy land and base, the area they sent in is most likely to encounter forgotten terrans and humans … Who was killed by forgotten terrans or humans?"
"Nine times out of ten, it was those two humans …" One of the undead was a very coquettish woman wearing a wide robe, and there was a borne green stripe on her forehead, which made her gorgeous and added some rare things.
"This time, the forgotten war situation has become more and more declining. It is true that human beings have lost their blood …"
"But … naive human this time but have the power to forget the war situation … killing the human god … into the forgotten war situation will be doomed"
Enchanting woman here face a faint sneer, eyes radiant with a deep unfathomable light.
She was surrounded by a figure in a black robe, whose face was completely covered up, and no one could peep at its true face.
A hoarse deep voice came out of this black robe.
"So the head is really decided … to human hands"
The enchanting woman nodded slightly. "It’s that these old humans are getting weaker and weaker. It’s better to give them to the darkness and swallow them up."
"The existing parties have secretly reached an agreement to end the forgotten war …"
Enchanting woman here lips slightly become warped eyes a little excited and cruel bloodthirsty light.
Su Li killed the shadow undead figure and soon quietly approached the place where a signal crystal was released before.
He didn’t show up at once, but hid behind a big tree, hiding the breath and silently observing the four directions.
Then he saw the bodies of several wolves.
Peeping at the symbol pattern, I found that a few monsters named Sirius Beast, the 20-level ordinary beast, were all killed at this moment.
In addition to these Sirius beasts, Su Li found a human body.
Through peeping at the symbol pattern, he found that it was a forgotten human body, and the body was torn from it and died miserably.
Su Li’s eyebrows slightly wrinkled, and the third eye started to scan around silently, making sure that he was not found to be in danger. This figure suddenly approached quietly.
It seems that this forgotten human body is not a pawn of wolves and beasts these days, but is torn from it by a violent force to feel the smell of this body, which is familiar.
"It turned out to be his hand." Su Li soon thought of who this familiar smell is. This is Luo Zhanjian’s residual breath to kill this forgotten human strong man. It is Luo Zhanjian.
"It seems that this forgotten human should be the crystal man who released the signal. Luo Zhanjian may have found him not far from here and killed him …"
I was just about to leave when I suddenly found a pair of green eyes in the distant Woods, but a group of Sirius beasts as big as bison appeared hundreds of meters away. They found Su Li and made a terrible roar, followed by a group of Sirius beasts fanning towards him.