"Sue always don’t be angry."

Admitting indefensible, Qing Liu hurriedly chased and stopped her eyes with red tears. Su Qian ink accompanied her smiling face and coaxed, "I really didn’t mean to." As she spoke, she felt that women were really busy!
It’s just an accidental bite. What’s the big deal! Didn’t you bite it off by crying?
If you just changed roles, first, Su Qian ink accidentally bit Qing Liu, and Qing Liu felt that she would definitely not be as adamant as she was, and she would be generous and polite. Do you want to do it again?
It’s hard to be a man!
Say a good word about a laundry list of Su Qian’s tight face only slightly eased a few minutes. Of course, she knew in her heart that what happened just now was purely an accidental emergency. Apart from being the first time, it was more because of Qing Liu’s "you don’t have a little piece of meat" reaction.
Su Qian ink unsmiling with a straight face said, "stop it. Do you have anything to do? If it’s all right, I’m leaving. "
"Wait a minute"
After hearing what she said, Qing Liu really remembered that she really had something to ask Su Qianmo for advice, but when she entered the door, she kept saying that she wanted to settle accounts with herself. Then it happened again, and Qing Liu almost forgot about it.
"Mr. Su, I want to consult you, just like doing business."
Liu Qingyi looked at Su Qian ink seriously.
"Ha ha!"
Su Qian Mo Yao snorted his face with no half smile and quipped, "You really like jokes. Do you still need to ask me about such things as doing business? What business can’t you do by selling my wild ginseng before you? "
Qing Liu touched his nose and said with a face of injustice, "It was a misunderstanding. I really wanted to keep a wild ginseng for myself to prevent accidents. Everyone has three diseases and six disasters, right?"
Su Qianmo snorted for a while and reluctantly said, "Tell me, how do you want to do business?"
"It’s not really business."
Qing Liu looked at her carefully and said, "Sue, you have come back and forth to Yulong Village several times. I believe you can see that Yulong Village is really poor. I want to get rich with the villagers, but I don’t know what to do now …"
Said Qing Liu will county town opened two medicated chicken fast food restaurants to mobilize the villagers to raise chickens, and also told Su Qian ink.
A Su Qianmo still holds the idea of "I don’t give a shit" in her heart, but as Qing Liu narrates, her idea gradually changed, especially when she heard that Qing Liu mobilized villagers to raise chickens and bought things at a higher price than the market price. Her eyes at Qing Liu also changed!
I have dealt with Qing Liu several times. Su Qianmo’s evaluation of him is a seemingly simple and honest but cunning farmer-he still loves to take advantage!
To be fair, if Qing Liu is replaced by herself, Su Qianmo thinks that even if she launches villagers to raise chickens, she will certainly not buy them at a higher price than the market price, which is to ensure that the Ministry will buy them to feed chickens at most.
"I can’t believe I haven’t seen you live a very rich and wonderful life in these months."
Su Qianmo shook his head after a moment’s silence and said, "I still remember when you came to me to buy seven kinds of things. Before I came to the county seat, I heard from my staff that there was a new medicated chicken fast food in the county seat. After eating it once, I felt that it tasted the same as you did here. But you are really lazy. If I remember correctly, should I call out the name medicated chicken first?"
"That’s right"
Qing Liu nodded and admitted to kowtowing at the right time. "I thought about this name at that time for several days, and then I suddenly had a flash of light. I thought that Su Zong remembered the name of medicinal chicken, which was really pleasant and appropriate, so I brought it. Most of the credit for the good business of medicinal chicken is due to Su Zong’s name!"
Su Qian gave him a white ink and said lightly, "Don’t say nice things here", but she was still a little proud.
Qing Liu noticed that her tone was much better than before, and he secretly felt that this woman was really duplicitous. He coughed and continued to ask, "It is because of the case of medicated chicken that the first person I thought of after I met the problem was Su Zong, and I hope you can give me some advice."
Su Qianmo thought carefully for a while before he said cautiously, "Qing Liu, you didn’t let the villagers follow you to raise chickens because of the good business of medicinal chicken. This is true for the business. If it wants to be big, it must be diversified, preferably complementary. A single model is not conducive to anti-risk, and it may even become the biggest weakness. For example, if bird flu breaks out, your business will definitely be affected."
Qing Liu nodded repeatedly. Su Qian’s ink words can be described as hitting the nail on the head and analyzing the advantages and disadvantages in just a few words. "What do you think Su Zong should do?"
"Very simple"
Su Qianmo seriously said, "You can eat well by relying on mountains, relying on water, and relying on the ground … In addition to aquaculture, I think we can also develop farming, such as medicinal materials and fruit trees. If these fruits taste good and sell well, the roots outside will not be sold."
Then she patted her forehead and remembered one thing. She said, "By the way, the internet plus sales model is popular now. In the past, you only had Wenchang County in the face of the market, but it is difficult to make money because of the weak economic capacity of the county. You should try the Internet sales model to face the market widely."
Qing Liu was overjoyed and asked, "What is internet plus?"
Chapter one hundred and forty-two If you want to get rich, build roads first
"internet plus is …"
Halfway through, Su Qianmo suddenly stopped and looked at her. Qing Liu consciously blurted out, "Su Zong, why don’t you say it?"
"What should I tell you?"
Su Qian gave him a blank look and asked him, "What good am I?"
Qing Liu suddenly realized that it was a sign of a rip-off. He said with a righteous look, "How meaningful it is for President Su to lead poor farmers out of poverty and get rich. Don’t you think it’s a bit vulgar to talk about benefits at this time?"
Su Qianmo gave him a squint and said, "I’m vulgar, so what?"
Qing Liu’s face changed from a righteous face to a jubilant one, and he gave a thumbs-up and praised, "Big vulgarity means big elegance, good vulgarity and grounding gas!"
Su Qian ink smile frozen face stunned looking at Qing Liu this guy is learned to turn hostile? But soon she was white. It seems that Liu Qingzhen wants the villagers in Yulong Village to get rich. Otherwise, according to Su Qian’s understanding of him, I think this guy would never be so deliberately flattering to please himself.
"If Qing Liu and master sit together and talk, they may have a common topic …"
I don’t know what Su Qian ink suddenly burst into such an idea. She shook her head slightly and threw the idea behind her head, smoothed her forehead, and her hair converged and laughed seriously.
"internet plus means to show the integration and complementarity of production, marketing and production through the big platform of the Internet!"
Su Qian ink as she spoke, she watched Qing Liu’s reaction and saw him with a puzzled face. Su Qian ink wanted to take it out, and she called Taobao on her mobile phone to tell Qing Liu about it.
"… can you sell hundreds of millions here a day?"
When Su Qianmo said that the turnover of some shops in Shangjie could reach hundreds of millions, Qing Liu gasped in disbelief and said, "Is it true?"
"Of course it’s true."
Su Qian ink gave him a contemptuous look and said, "This consumer group is all over the country and there are even foreigners. How many people do you think there are here?" Even if everyone buys a dollar in your shop, your turnover will be hundreds of millions. "
Qing Liu felt as if he had hit a new window.
"In addition, I found that your medicated chicken also has potential to be tapped."
Since Su Qianmo said it, he simply said it more thoroughly: "I have actually come back to the county for several days and eaten medicinal chicken several times. I found that there are chicken pieces and chicken feet in it. Fast food restaurants are really a good choice, but besides that, you can also carry out secondary deep processing."
"Su Zong, sit down."
Qing Liu immediately brought a chair and put an apple into her hand. "What do you mean by eating some apples slowly, such as secondary processing?"
"Very simple"
Su Qianmo bit the apple unceremoniously and said, "Fast-food restaurants can sell chicken wings and chicken feet separately, for example, planting fruit trees can also be changed into mango juice and peach juice drinks, so that these fruits can be prevented from going bad and the profits can be maximized by secondary processing."
Liu Qing listened to nodding and thought of the former perfume and blurted out, "So your perfume belongs to the second deep processing?"
"Secondary deep processing also has process differences"
Su Qianmo said, "I just told you that all the perfumes are relatively simple, but the production process is very complicated. Of course, there are simple methods, but the taste of the perfume is definitely much worse."
Qing Liu nodded his head, and he made up his mind that perfume is thousands of dollars in such a small bottle. This is the real profiteering from the complexity of the process. He doesn’t care because he has the unique power in the world. With this, he is confident that the perfume made is absolutely as good as the so-called complex process!
"Liu Qingshi, whether it is secondary deep processing or relying on the form of internet plus, needs a front."
After describing the development prospect to Qing Liu, Su Qianmo returned to the topic and seriously said that "the current situation of Yulong Village will not work even if you want to take the internet plus model."
Qing Liu frowned and was puzzled.
"Very simple"